About VDS

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With a focus on independent narrative and documentary features, Vision Digital Services‘ talented team of experts is excited to assist first-time and seasoned filmmakers alike with world-class service and cutting edge technology, for a fraction of the cost of big-box post houses and labs.

VDS’s facility is located just outside Atlanta, GA, catering to the exploding film industry in the southeast region while simultaneously offering the same range of services to clients all over the nation and over seas. All work ordered through Vision Digital Services is fully qualified towards your Georgia production’s tax incentive.


VDS offers the following services:

  • Quality Control (QC) and evaluation
  • DVD Authoring, duplication and replication
  • Editorial
  • Full post production coordination
  • Mastering to file, disc or tape
  • Audio and Video Fixes to satisfy QC
  • Closed captioning, subtitling and dialogue list creation
  • DCP creation
  • Advanced compression, encoding and transcoding solutions
  • Screener creation and watermarking
  • Digital asset management and storage
  • Servicing, deliverables and physical/digital delivery

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Additionally, in partnership with Vision Films, Vision Digital Services is uniquely poised to offer independent filmmakers a true one-stop shop for finishing their film and getting it into wide distribution both domestically and internationally through iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, iNDemand, Vubiquity, DirecTV, Dish, Netflix, Hulu, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, TF1, BBC, Discovery, NBC Universal, and many, many more.


Get in touch for more information: info@visiondigitalservices.com